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Louise was an 11 ½ year old Rottweiler and was the biggest baby there ever was.  Catching her ball and
chasing yellow butterflies were her favorite things to do.  Louise was always there and she always knew when
you needed her the most, she gave great hugs.   Louise was diagnosed with a rapid bone cancer and we did
happened to Louise.  Why did it seem that all animals eventually got cancer?  What could we have done
different?  We began by researching pet nutrition and the foods we fed.  We fed what we believed to be a
premium food.  The media is filled with companies we all know telling us not to worry because they have done
the research for us, just feed their food and your pet will live a long healthy life.  We envision whole chickens,
choice cuts of beef, fresh grains and all the necessary nutrition our pets need.   These visions could not be
further from the truth.  We will never forget how horrified and betrayed we felt when we learned the truth of
what we were really feeding our pets and what the true meaning of the ingredients listed really was.  

We learned that the pet food industry is an extension of the human food industry, which provides a place for
slaughterhouse waste and grains “unfit for human consumption”.  Bone meal, meat meal, and by products
include such things as road kill, euthanized companion animals, dead, dying, diseased and disabled cattle
that could not be certified for human consumption.  Animal and poultry fat is most often rendered animal fat,
restaurant grease or other oils too rancid or deemed inedible for humans.  Poor ingredients can cause skin
and coat problems, eye and ear problems, intestinal upset, diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, and other major
and minor illnesses.   These are only a few of the frightening things we learned while trying to understand the
truth of what we were feeding our pets.  

We reconnected with a long time friend and nutrition expert and found out that there are some very reputable
natural and organic pet foods on the market.  These foods are made by small, privately owned companies
that understand your pet’s nutritional needs and only use quality human grade ingredients for their products
containing no added chemicals or preservatives.  

We have always rescued and loved animals for over 25 years, so now we are dedicated to help create
awareness of what we are really feeding our pets.  We want to help as many animals as we can live a full,
happy, and healthy life.  The colors we picked for our store all have a special meaning.  The pink in Louise’s
name is because that was always her color, the red in pet connection was because that was the color her
breeders chose for her, and the yellow of course is because of the little yellow butterflies.  
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